Add Movies

Movies are added by distribution into a commonly accessed database to which Retriever Solutions can add subtype combinations or create unlisted titles.  To avoid duplication, please check the movie database inside Add Movie function before requesting new titles and subtypes from Retriever's Help Desk.

How It Works (scroll down for examples)

    1. Click Add
    2. In the Search Movie, text box enters a primary keyword or phrase that is in the title of the movie you are searching for.

NOTE: You do not have to enter the whole title. Do not enter a preface word like "The". Titles often resemble other or older titles. If you are not sure of a title, please verify the title in IMDB or some other reliable source of movie title information.

    1. Click the search button
    2. Find the version of the title you need to schedule/book

NOTE: If the title or subtype does not appear or you have trouble finding it, go to IMDB and look up the title. Copy and paste as much relevant information about the feature as possible into a help desk ticket. Please allow 1 to 2 business days for the movie to be added to the database.

    1. Click Add Selected Movies

Complete the following

    1. Schedule Date is the first date the feature will be played.
    2. Revenue date is the start date as determined by the studio (normally the first Friday after the start date, button not always.)
    3. Event 1 is the Event Type of the initial showing - also enter an appropriate End Date for the Event Type.
    4. Event 2 is the event type after the initial event type has run its schedule - don't forget your end date.
    5. Verify that the film category, Distributor, Rating, Length (run time), Cleaning Time, Trailer (number - not necessary), Total Prints, Report Settings (No Revenue Output - Does not report to BOR. No Ticket Summary - Does not report on Ticket Summary) are all set correctly.

NOTE: If you do not want ticket sales to report to the distributor, you must check both No Ticket Summary and No Revenue Output.

    1. Allow Schedule Overlap on Print 1 - Check this box to schedule overlapping times with a single feature print.
    2. Verify that all other information is true and Click SAVE.



      1. Overwrite an existing title with a new one.
      2. Set your start date after your revenue date.
      3. Create an Abbreviated Title that is longer than the text box.
      4. Alter the existing title (if you need another version, use the upload tool (Add).
      5. Add quotation marks to the Comments or Film Star Listings
      6. Schedule a movie without checking the length of the movie, film category, and distributor (these items are often defaulted and need to be changed manually).


Final Note(s) About Start and End Dates.

    If you don't know how long a movie will play, put your end dates out 10 to 12 weeks. You can always move them back. But once they are set, the Movie Schedule Report will not modify the end date, so it is better to go longer than to enter a shorter schedule than your run.
    If your theater or corporate offices are using Retriever Management to create and pay terms it is imperative that Start Dates be set as the first day the feature is scheduled. The revenue date can be set up to four days after the start date and the previous dates sales will be rolled into the revenue date. However, all date functions of the Film Management tool rely on an accurate start date.