Tickets - Prices


Ticket Types

Ticket types designate the definition of the ticket. Adult, Child, Military, and Senior are popular ticket types. Some locations may distinguish many more ticket types, but the bottom line is that a ticket establishes the requirement and price point for entry into an auditorium. We strongly encourage theaters to establish a limited number of ticket types and

manage pricing through the Event Type.

How It Works (scroll down for video tutorial)

    1. Click Add
    2. Type in the name of the new ticket type
    3. Click Save
Ticket Pricing
  1. Select an Event Type
  2. Select a Show Type
  3. To add a new ticket type, you must click the show n/a tickets button
  4. Select a ticket type and click edit
  5. Select a Tax Table if applicable.
  6. Enter the price without tax
  7. Add any points if applicable
  8. Add associated items if applicable
  9. Is there any premium up charges for this ticket type?
  10. Save (Center Column)

Ticket Building Video Part One

Ticket Building Video Part Two