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Schedule Movies

Although this is the landing page for movie schedule, it is in fact the last step of the scheduling process. Prior to scheduling movies, you must first set up your Auditoriums, Seat Maps or Low Seat Counts, Event Types, Show Types, Ticket and Ticket Prices (that may include tax tables and associated items), and after all that is done, you have to

download your movie titles, set your parameters (and terms - optional), and then you're ready to schedule movies. So if all you have to do is schedule movies, someone else did a lot of work to make that happen. As an intricate part of the theater operations, this section of Retriever Process manages all ticket sales, so it's worth exploring this section in detail.

Schedule Movies

  1. All Movies must be downloaded into the Movies Tab and start date, revenue date, and end dates must be set prior to titles being made available in the schedule list.
  2. In the schedule tab, select the movie with your mouse.
  3. With your mouth, grab the title by holding the right mouse button down and dragging the title onto the schedule grid.
  4. Release the title in the desired auditorium and time slot.
  5. When you release the mouse button, a box appears.
  6. Select the number of shows to schedule, first showing time, cleaning time, and click okay.
  7. All shows will be scheduled.
  8. You can move shows back or forward in time by using the double directional bracket buttons (>> or << = 15 minutes), or single directional bracket buttons (> or < = 5 minutes).
  9. Once you have completed the movie(s) to be scheduled, click the Save Icon.

Scheduling - Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an easy way to schedule multiple days of the same schedule?

  1. Create the first day of the schedule.
  2. Click Select All.
  3. Click the Copy Schedule Icon.
  4. Left Click the Calendar.
  5. Left Click on a date to copy the schedule.
  6. Double right-click the same day to open the paste calendar.
  7. Select the next day to paste and double left click to add the date.
  8. When all dates are added, click the paste button on the calendar.

How can I overlap the schedule of the same movie in different auditoriums?

In the Movies Tab, select the movie you are trying to overlap and select Edit + check box for Allow Schedule Overlap on Print One. Save your changes and go back to the schedule and try again.

How can I create a schedule in the future that does not go out online until I'm ready?

    1. Create the first day of the schedule.
    2. Click Select All.
    3. Click the hold button
    4. Save
To make a hold schedule live
  1. Select All or the features you want to take off hold.
  2. Click the hold button to take them off hold.
  3. Save