Distributors - Genre - Ratings



From time to time a new distributor that is not already in the Retriever Solutions Movie database may release a film and cause problems with scheduling. When that occurs, open the Distrib-Genre-Rating Tab and click refresh to see if the distributor has been added to our database but not yours. This button will sync the two databases. If the distroibutor is

still not in the database, please create a ticket and the support team will add the new distributor as soon as possible.

Most of the time you will not have to add distributors and they should be requested to be added by submitting a ticket through the help desk or by calling the support desk. However, if you get an error message while loading a new title requesting a distributor, click on this tab and select refresh. That will update your distribution list.

Unless instructed otherwise, you should never have to make any changes to Film Genres or Ratings.