Auditorium Setup

The auditorium setup tab is where you establish your seat count for each auditorium. This was a primary data source prior to reserved seating, but now its settings are primarily used to establish an acuurate seat count. This information is nearly always set up prior to software installation, but it can be modified easily (specifically total seats and low seat counts).

A note about low seats: If you use general admission seating, your low seat count is subtracted from your total seats to create an available seat count. Your available seat count is adjusted downward to 20% of the low seat count for online ticket sales. In short, if you have a 100 seat auditorium and a 20 seat low-seat count, 76 seats will be available for sale through online ticketing. This is done to reduce the risk of overselling.

How It Works (scroll down for examples)

    1. Click the auditorium tab
    2. Auditorium setup is done initially at setup to make changes click edit
    3. Make changes to seat counts, section, total seats
    4. Click Save

Note - Assigned seating locations do not need to adjust seat counts, low seat counts, or total seats as they are managed by seat assignments in the seat maps.

    1. To use assigned seats, the assigned seats must be set up in the configuration tab by Retriever Solutions TSR.
    2. Once set up, the assigned seating maps tab lays out rows and columns.
    3. Actual seat maps are built in the screen design tab.

Note - You cannot create seat maps in screen design that have not first been build in Assigned Seating Maps. Screen design seat map requests should be submitted through sales to Retriever Solutions.

  1. Don't forget to save
  2. Assigned Seating Dates Tab lets you turn off (all) assigned seating for a specific