Show Scheduling

Scheduling Show Times Has Never Been Easier

Retriever Solutions’ Show Times module allows you to schedule movies months in advance & maintain schedule history. The drag-&-drop and copy/paste editing tools are easy to use & the schedule is displayed in a clear, simple to understand format. Templates make it easy to configure special events, 3D, large format, matinees, evening & special shows.

  • Unlimited movies & Auditoriums on the schedule
  • Automatic safeguards prevent schedule conflicts
  • Programmable movie length, trailer length, title abbreviations, & synopsis
  • Adjustable intermission length
  • Auditorium swapping feature lets you switch general admission houses after tickets have been sold
  • Ticket sales will follow swapped features
  • Shows schedulable for current or any future day
  • Daily schedule can be can be pasted to future days for fast weekly scheduling
  • Templates configurable for days of the week
  • Templates for 3D, regular, & special events
  • Unlimited ticket types (Adult, Student, Child)
  • Unlimited show types (Matinee, Evening)
  • Unlimited event types (No Pass, Special Show)
  • Film category descriptions (Drama, Comedy)
  • Zoom display by hours from 24, 12 or 6 hours
  • Auditorium information & film detail is displayed on- screen as you schedule
  • Schedule hold feature allows for schedules to be built & saved without posting to terminals
  • Automatic film information downloads
  • FTP schedule push to LMS, signage, websites, advertisers, & more