Screen Design


Windows Screen Flow & Design

This page offers a very basic understanding of the most commonly used elements of the screen design tool. It is not intended to be an expert knowledge builder. The screen design manages the appearance and functionality of your Point of Sale System from Box Office to Concession to Bar to Kiosks. Every salable item needs a button. Some items require modifiers like ketchup and mustard. Auditoriums need seat assignments, allow for swapping, where's the screen, handicapped seating, and social distancing measures.

Kiosks need to be able to sell and redeem tickets, display coming attractions, trailers, times, and dates.

While it seems like a basic function, it's not. The screen design tool is highly complicated and clicking the wrong button or adding a broken link can shut your system down while service technicians (888-988-4470) try to reverse engineer the error and correct the problem. We have witnessed simple changes to a screen shut a theater down for hours simply because someone didn't know what they were doing. For that reason alone, you will quickly discover that Retriever Solutions technical support staff will always ask you - what changed? The problem is that many times the person discovering the issue was not around when the change was made.

When working on screen design please be sure to document any changes you make and let others know where that documentation is kept. In the event of any issues, it will be much easier to fix any mistakes.

One final note: If there are continual issues with theater personnel breaking their screen flow, Retriever Solutions will lock out the theater from the tool and force all requests to come through the ticketing system. This is to prevent interruptions in service due to errors, it is not a punishment. If you are locked out of screen design and believe that you should have access, please contact tech support. There was probably a serious issue that prompted us to cut off access to screen design. Technical Support Personnel can open up access if the user displays competency in the tool with a little bit of additional training.