Sale Prompts(Legacy Systems)


Sale Prompts

Sales prompts are a special feature of the legacy system and must be setup in configuration. Please request that the "Use Suggestive Sales" be activated prior to attempting access to this setup.

This feature also requires a special text field to appear on the terminal. Please request assistance from

tech support once the campaign has been set up.

You can set sales prompts up by specific items or by item category.

How It Works

  1. Click the Add Button
  2. Give the campaign a description
  3. List the Item that needs to be purchased to trigger the suggestive sale.
  4. If adding an item will make the sale a separate item (like an upsell to a combo), you can set the "If the answer is yes, new item(s) ordered" to the combo that replaces the single item ordered. Or if the customer orders a small drink, you can set it to upsell to a medium drink.
  5. Enter the text as you would like the cashier to read it while recommending the upsell.
  6. You can set multiple prompts up for the same item.
  7. Make sure you check the enable box. If the box is not checked the campaign will not be activated.
  8. Click Save.

Sale Prompts Setup (Legacy Systems Only)
Sales prompts are used when a specific item that has been purchased can be upsold to a higher-priced item or item special. A prompt description is generated that forces the cashier to suggested the upsell. Prompts can be used to increase your PPC.