Video Process Training

If there is a video you would like to see that is not included in this list, please send me a message at patrick@retrieversolutionsinc.com and I will see about getting your requests produced.

How to Login to Process

The owner, corporate, or general manager is responsible for setting a security clearance for each theatre employee. Only employees with a security clearance level that is equal to or greater than the lowest manager setting will be able to unlock the associated Retriever Process Tabs.

All employees have access to Sales Monitor, Transactions Tab, and Help Desk.

End-Of-Day (EOD Procedure)

The end-of-day procedure should be completed everyday.

Adding Movie Titles and Scheduling - Part One

This tutorial addresses the process of adding movies to your schedule, how to find subtitles, and search all available titles.

Adding Movie Titles and Scheduling - Part Two

Part Two of scheduling Movies covers adding films to the schedule grid and copy and paste.

Update Distributor's List

Occassionally a feature will be added to the movie's list that throws a distributor has not been added message. This tutorial shows you how to update the distributor's listings.

Event Show Template

This video explains how to create your Event Types (3D, Regular, IMAX) and your Show Types (Weekends, Evening, Matinee) and then combine them into your daily templates. Event Show Type Templates receive ticket types specific to the template. EXAMPLE:  A 3D + Matinee + Adult ticket might be a couple of dollars less than a 3D + Evening + Adult Ticket.

Ticket Pricing Part One

This is part one of a two-part series that discusses setting up ticketing for your theater.

Ticket Pricing Part two

This is part two of a two-part series that discusses setting up ticketing for your theater.

How to Add an Item

This video includes how to add an item, create a recipe, create a vendor and associate items with vendors.

How to Add an Employee with Schedule Tutorial

Walk through the process of adding an employee to your theater business, setting security, positions, wage, and adding the employee to the operation's schedule.

Prepaid Setup

Prepaids are advanced purchased items that can be sold at the terminal and customers can redeem them at a later date.  Prepaids are often associated with bulk sales and discounted offers. Prepaids are set up in Process and associated with a voucher that either print at the terminal or can be pre-printed with barcodes (see barcode create).

Coupon Setup

There are two types of coupons; standard coupon and reward coupon. Coupons can be created for a variety of different discounts.

How to Edit Time Clock (Security Restrictions)

How to correct time entries or adjust clock employees who have forgotten to clock in or out.

How to Change Seat Maps

This is a basic tutorial on how to disable a seat or change a seat type. For more advanced changes, please contact technical support.

How to Add a Report (Security Level Required)

You will need to have a General Manager or Corporate (Owner) Security level to make changes in the security tab and add reports to your Reports Tab. Retriever Process has dozens of useful reports for managing your theater. We encourage qualified users to explore the numerous reporting options.

How to Adjust Inventory for Non-Redeemed Items

When selling food and drink online, customers can purchase concession items in advance of their intended visit. When items are purchased, they are removed from inventory. In the event that a customer does not pick up their purchased items, this video demonstrates how to put the items back into inventory.

How to Setup Food and Drink

Selling Food and Drink online can approve customer retention, increase concession sales, app usage, and presales. A few steps are required inside Retriever Process to add food and drink items to your online menus. This video explains the process step-by-step.

Film Management Tutorial

Film Management is a subscription service that works in tandem with the data that supports  Retriever Process. The film management tool manages terms, credits, and debits for booking fees and invoices.