Remote Access

Manage Your Theatre From Across Town Or Across The Globe

Retriever Solutions offers three convenient ways to stay in control of your operation when you are on the go:


1 ) Remote Desktop Access

  • Remote access can be established through a machine on the network in the facility or with any PC that is connected to the internet
  • Remote access provides complete access to the local manager’s computer
  • Run reports, build schedules, add items, change prices, process payroll, check inventory, back up data & more...

2) Customer Gateway

  • View ticket revenue, attendance, concession sales & labor data in real time by connecting to a secure website from your computer or mobile device.

3) Retriever Corporate Module

  • Automatically uploads nightly data from a single site or an entire circuit
  • Run reports, implement system changes, and even control security from a single application
  • Back up local data to an off-site drive