The recipes tab serves the single purpose of managing inventory when a specific item is purchased. The system will use the values added into the Quantity, Unit Price, and Amount boxes to manage your inventory costs. In the sample above, a Nacho

Combo deducts a 32oz Cup, 1 portion of Cheese, and one portion of Nachos(chips) from the available inventory.

Every item for sale in the theater can be set up in the recipes tab. Items that are prepared, like sandwiches (bread, meat type, lettuce, tomatoes), pizzas (crust, sauce, cheese, pepperoni), nachos(chips, cheese) should be broken down by separate items as received and added to the recipes as sold.

How It Works
  1. Select the Items Category (as listed in the Menu Item Tab).
  2. Select the Item from the second dropbox.
  3. Click Edit
  4. Select the Inventory Group(an item may pull products from multiple inventory groups).
  5. Pull each item used in the recipe from the Inventory Group over to the Description Board.
  6. Repeat steps four and five until all required items have been added to the recipe board
  7. Add in the quantity used for each item. Unit price and Amount should be calculated automatically if you have been set up correctly.
  8. Click the Save Button

Copy and Paste Functions: You may copy and paste a recipe from one item to another and change items as needed. Example: Cheese Pizza can be copied and pasted to Pepperoni Pizza and all you need to add is an amount of pepperoni to your recipe.


Reports may occasionally show errors. It is important that you try to recreate the report and if that doesn't correct the error submit a help desk ticket to Retriever Support.

While some errors may occur due to software glitches or bugs, most report errors are found when issues have occurred with the transfer of data between the terminals and the main server. When such issues occur, there is usually an error message or a noticeable difference in a specific transaction. Errors in reports are almost always a result of an error occurring somewhere else in the process. In short, reporting errors are reflective of other issues and should be reported immediately to tech support.