1. GOLD KEYS: Click to login or log out.
  2. Sales Monitor: Quickly view theatrical and concessions sales by hour.
  3. Transactions: Lookup daily and past transactions by order number.
  4. Cash Control: Manage drawer counts and deposits.
  5. Inventory: Manage inventory by area, receivables, and waste.
  6. Time Clock: Manage employee time clocks.
  7. Reports: Selected reports for monitoring the theatre's business
  8. End of Day (EOD): See End of Day Process.
  9. Red Toolbox: Categories, Accounts, Prepaids, Devices, Security, Forms, and Rewards Setup.
  10. Items/Recipes: Items, coupons, tax tables, recipes, and special pricing
  11. Gift/Loyalty Setup: Set up rewards and coupons for loyal customers and lookup or adjust gift cards.
  12. Inventory/Vendor Setup: organize your receivables, vendors, and items pricing.
  13. Employees: Enter data and security settings, payroll, and scheduling for all employees. 
  14. Screen Design: 
  15. Show Times:
  16. Configuration (No Access):
  17. Help Desk/Support:
  18. Film Management:

Suggested security settings are intended to be minimum security settings. Ultimately, individual theaters should establish their own security setting schema based on employee and management knowledge and use needs of the system.  


Suggested Security Levels

  1. All Managers
  2. All Managers
  3. All Managers
  4. All Managers
  5. General Manager
  6. General Manager
  7. Varied by Report
  8. All Managers
  9. General Manager and Corporate
  10. Managers
  11. General Managers and Corporate
  12. All Managers
  13. All Managers
  14. Trained Managers
  15. All Managers
  16. Retriever Solutions
  17. All Managers
  18. Trained Managers

How to Create Security Settings

A. Designate a single person who will have the highest security clearance. This can be an owner, a corporate officer, or a General Manager. Regardless of who is chosen, this individual will have the ability to create security clearances for all subordinates.

B. Retriever Solutions will set the selected designated officer to a level 9 (or 50 if managing barcodes and gift/loyalty cards).

C. Once the highest level is established, choose a minimum manager security level between 5 and 7. This is the lowest level that will have access to Retriever Process tabs 5 - 15. All persons with access to the back office will have access to tabs 1-4 and 17 without signing in.

D. General Managers should have a level higher than the Assistant Managers.

E. Assistant Managers should have a level higher level than all subordinates.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  An employee with a security level greater than or equal to another employee cannot make changes to that employee's data.