Sales Monitor

The sales monitor tab is one of three tabs accessible without security clearance. It tab is designed to give the manager a quick overview of past, current, and future sales. The readout that is viewable on the chart is NOT in real-time, although it does update with the completion of transactions at the terminal the user must refresh the screen to view current sales data. The Monitor is separated by Ticket sales, Item sales, and categories. Each top-line selection has an assortment of viewing options found at the bottom of the screen.

Ticket Sales Monitor

At the top of the screen are three radio buttons. Select Tickets to view all ticket sales arranged by the hour for the date selected in the upper right-hand corner. Advanced Day sales sold on the selected date will appear in the hour and date for which the tickets were purchased. Only current-day sales will show up in the ticket sales monitor. Consequently, since advanced day sales will show up on the selected date's Summary Report, total daily sales may be different between the Sales Monitor and the Summary Report.

SORT OPTIONS - Bottom Left of screen

Sort options provide the user the ability to select the order by which films are listed.

Alpha Sort: Sorts titles alphanumerically.

Auditorium Number: Sorts all titles by the auditorium number in chronological order.

Auditorium Size: Sorts titles by the number of seats in all auditoriums with the highest seat count being listed first and descending to the lowest seat count.

DISPLAY OPTIONS  - Bottom Right of Screen

Display options do not change the order, but rather change the data that is displayed. In the above image, the number of tickets sold is displayed. The options defined below affect what is displayed on the hourly sales.

Attendance: Number of People in attendance (tickets).

Revenue: Displays the dollar amount sold during the hour for the listed title.

Percent: Displays the percentage of sales attributed to each title.

Item Sales Monitor

The default order for items is alphabetical.


Online Sales Only: Online Food and Drink sales for the date selected will be displayed at the time they are scheduled for pickup. Online Food and Drink sales sold for advanced days will appear on the date and hour for which they were scheduled to be redeemed.

All Items: Default. Shows all advanced day sales and in-house sales of Food and Drink Items sold or redeemed during the specified hours.


No Tax: Display sales not including tax (net sales only)

With Tax: (Default) Sales are displayed including tax.



Categories Sales Monitor

The categories radio button will display online sales or All Categories as an aggregate of all hourly sales by category instead of individual items. The display options of No Tax or With Tax are both available with the Categories display.