Process - Reports

Managers should take some time to learn what information each of the reports available in your specific library provides and how that data can be used to improve operations. Retriever Process has nearly a hundred reports covering everything from employee schedules to weekly and three-day sales reports. Besides the reports that you can readily view in the Reports Tab, additional reports may be added by opening the Red Tool Box (Setup Tab) and selecting additional reports from the middle column.


Reports Basics

Report Security

There are some reports that may require higher security levels to access. Security values can be established for individual reports by going to the Red Tool Box (Setup Tab) selecting the report and assign the security level at the bottom of the tab. Please see "Security Training"

How It Works
  1. Select the database (top dropdown)
  2. Select the report
  3. Select the type of report - Default, Daily, Weekly, Date Range, Pay Period. In most cases, the default will be a daily report or snapshot of current data.
  4. Select subtypes/variables - some reports allow you to select desired information (see any Item Report).
  5. Click the View Button

Reports may occasionally show errors. It is important that you try to recreate the report and if that doesn't correct the error submit a help desk ticket to Retriever Support.

While some errors may occur due to software glitches or bugs, most report errors are found when issues have occurred with the transference of data between the terminals and the main server. When such issues occur, there is usually an error message or a noticeable difference in a specific transaction. Errors in reports are almost always a result of an error occurring somewhere else in the process. In short, reporting errors are reflective of other issues and should be reported immediately to tech support.


General Tab - Print and Email Settings

Print Settings

Set how you would like the report to print and when. Daily settings will add the report to print at End of Day.

Email Settings

Enter the email addresses of people who will be receiving nightly reports and the check the days when you want to send those reports. Selected reports are auto-emailed at the completion of End of Day.