Menu Items and Recipes


Menu Item

The Item Tab is where the theater will set up all items (concessions, prep items, promotional items, arcade tickets, gift cards, etc) for sale at the Point-Of-Sale(POS) terminals. There are a number of dropdown options in this tab that are set up in other areas of process. Below is a chart of definitions specific to the Items Tab.

Field Setup Location Description
Description Items/Recipes + Menu Item The name of the product selected or being added.
Item Number Items/Recipes + Menu Item(auto) The Item number is auto-generated when you enter a new item.
SKU Number Items/Recipes + Menu Item The SKU Number is auto-generated at the creation of a new item. Alternately, you may enter the SKU Number associated with the item at creation. SKU Numbers may be used when scanning item barcodes.
Sort Order Items/Recipes + Menu Item This number designates the sequence by which an item is displayed in a list. It is autogenerated, however, an item can be manually changed to move an item up a list.
Item Category General Setup + Categories + Item Categories In this space, you will select the item category to which you are attaching the new item.
Associated Item Items/Recipes + Menu Item You can associate an item to the selected or new item by choosing the associated item here. An associated item is automatically added to the order. An associated item is not priced with the new item, an associated item price is added to the price of the new or selected item.
Item Type Selector Items/Recipes + Menu Item Standard Item is the default. Weighed Item, Tip Item, Occupation Tax, Credit Service Charge, Flat Tax.
Coupon Category General Setup + Categories + Coupons If the selected item is to be associated with a coupon, you must select the coupon category here to associate the item.
Print Category Print Form If the item is purchased it will print out a coupon. In this space, you select the coupon to be printed.
Prep Category General Setup + Categories + Prep Categories Associate the item with the correct prep category as established in the Categories + Prep Category.
Item Family General Setup + Categories + Item Families By selecting an item family, you will associate this item with that item family. An item family is a tier above the item category.
Item Prompt On Terminal Items/Recipes + Menu Item Legacy Function: When a customer selects this item for purchase, a popup appears to remind the cashier to suggest an additional item or complimentary condiment. The function is not currently available on Windows Terminals or Kiosks.
Tax Table Items/Recipes + Taxes Defaults to none. Select the tax table associated with the selected item. This must be done prior to editing the price. See the tutorial on adding menu prices and taxes.
Price Items/Recipes + Menu Item Set the NET price of the item as it will appear to the customer on the receipt.
Price With Tax Items/Recipes + Menu Item Set the Tax Table, set the NET price of the item (as it will appear to the customer on the receipt) in the Price box and the Price with Tax will be automatically populated.
Points Items/Recipes + Menu Item AND General Setup + Rewards There are multiple loyalty programs and Item's Points can be preset in a couple of ways. Depending on the loyalty program being used at your location points may or may not be automatically generated by points per dollar or points per penny. If the points per penny option are used, it could be for the loyalty rewards application (which will show zero points and can be over-ridden by entering a points value in this box) or an inhouse loyalty program will auto-fill your loyalty points box when you set the price.
No Percentage Discounts Items/Recipes + Menu Item Checking this box will remove any percentage discounts that could be applied to this item.
Internet Sales Items/Recipes + Menu Item Allows for items to be sold online.
Ticket Association Items/Recipes + Menu Item and Showtimes + Tickets-Prices Allows item to be associated to a ticket type in the ticket setup of Showtimes Tab.
Track Item on Terminal Items/Recipes + Menu Item Checking this box will allow the manager to track the number of these items purchased on each terminal.
Do Not Show on Reports Items/Recipes + Menu Item If this box is checked, the selected item will not appear on the terminal.
Inactive Items/Recipes + Menu Item The selected item is no longer available for purchase and will be filed as inactive. Do not delete inactive items as they may still be archived in the inventory.
Set all items in category equal to these categories Items/Recipes + Menu Item If you have a group of equally-priced items (all Large Candy is $5.00) you can build a category in Items Categories called Large Candy, list all of the like candy in the menu items and set one to the correct pricing, and check this box to price all the same. If all of the items in an existing category are to be priced the same, you can change the pricing of one and use this box to change the others.
Time Slot Pricing Items/Recipes + Menu Item This area is used to set up special pricing by time periods during specific days. As an example, say you wanted to run a discount for popcorn on Tuesdays between 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. Select your popcorn size to be discounted. Click Edit. Set the day dropdown to Tuesday, set your start and finish times, set your price, and save. You may set multiple time slots per item.
Tare Weight Scale Your tare weight is the weight of any packaging not being included in the weight of the item being sold. This is only relevant to weighted items and is a legacy function. This function is not currently available for Windows Terminals.
Clear Image Items/Recipes + Menu Item This will remove the current image from the selected item. Removing the image could result in an empty button on the terminal if no text has been added and made visible on the current button for the selected item.
Sqaure Image Box under the Clear Image Button Items/Recipes + Menu Item Left Click inside this box to bring up the image library. In the search graphic box, type in a brief description of what image you're looking for or manually scroll through the image library. Images are listed alphabetically by file name. When you find the appropriate image, click on the image and click open to add the image to the item button. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY YOU SHOULD ADD AN IMAGE TO AN ITEM BUTTON.

How to Add an Item with Inventory

How to Add An Item

Adding an item to your menu item list is a relatively straightforward process once all of the Families, Categories, Coupons, Tax Tables, item categories have been built out. Most locations use the default Category Radio Button, Main Item (drop-down default), and then select the item category from the drop-down (in the sample it's set to Beer Domestic, but below that are many options).

The steps for adding an item are:

  1. Select the Item Category below Main Item. The Item Category option will be auto-filled as will the Standard Item selections.
  2. Click the Add Button
  3. Type the name of the item in the Description Box
  4. The Item Number and SKU Number will be auto-generated
  5. OPTIONAL: If this item is associated with another item (For example a collector cup associated with a Large Drink for $1.00 more) link the items under Associated Item dropdown.
  6. OPTIONAL: If this item is associated with a coupon category, select the category here. That will add the new item to the coupon category.
  7. OPTIONAL: Print Coupon prints a specified coupon when the item is purchased. You can select what coupon to print in the Print Coupon dropdown.
  8. OPTIONAL: If an item requires preparation (hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken fingers, etc) in a kitchen, set the prep category so that the item can be sent to a kitchen printer for preparation.
  9. OPTIONAL: Unless otherwise specified, all items are standard items. See the definitions of the optional checkboxes. If you are going to associate an item to a ticket, Dinner, and Movie, you must check the ticket association check box to add the item to your ticket pricing in the Movie Scheduler Tab.
  10. OPTIONAL: Set the tax to the correct table. NOTE: Tax table defaults to none. If no table is selected, your net price will also be your price with tax.
  11. Set your net price. If you are using a tax table, your price with tax will be adjusted accordingly.
  12. OPTIONAL: Points are set according to your loyalty program set up.
  13. OPTIONAL: Set Date Time Pricing by setting all defined options.
  14. OPTIONAL: ADD IMAGE - Place your mouse pointer over the empty box below the clear image button, left-click. A table of images will appear. Find the image that best represents the new product. The image you select will be added to the button created for this item in screen design. ALL BUTTON IMAGES MUST BE ADDED FROM THE ITEMS MENU. DO NOT ADD IMAGES INSIDE OF THE SCREEN DESIGN.
  15. Click Save
  16. Hit the Red X after all new items have been entered and Activate and Sync.