Process - Inventory

It is important to note that there are three tabs associated with inventory. The barcode tab in the left side tab grouping is the final product of the two other set-up locations; items/recipes and items setup (both in the right side grouping). The inventory tab is where the manager will account for all physical inventory counts, waste, transfers, and online variances (the items remaining in inventory that were forfeited when an online concession sale is not redeemed).



In this tab, you may view the daily inventory, daily sales, daily waste and compare totals to your actual, physical counts. This is also where you enter the Physical counts upon completing a station or theater count. Items are sorted by category and can also be sorted by stations such as Concession One, Concession Two, and Store Room. All areas are counted individually unless management has chosen to do a full count system in which all stations are counted and added together prior to entering the inventory into the Physical count column. Inventory Count Sheets may be made available in the Reports tab.

Use Calculator

The calculator allows data entry by count type, each, case, sleeve, etc. Some items may have multiple count types. Snickers could be counted as each at the concession stand and by the case in the storeroom. The calculator makes it easy to enter your counts by count type. When multiple count types are available, all count types will be listed. In this example, we see a count type of Each. The total count -> will be in the actual Physical Count Box when all count types are calculated.



In this area, the manager will enter all receivables to be added to the inventory. This should be done upon receipt and immediately the following check-in to maintain an accurate inventory. Failure to enter receivables may result in an inaccurate inventory count and out-of-balance variances.



In this area, the manager will enter all waste to be subtracted into the inventory. This should be done whenever an item is thrown away or discarded. Tracking wasted items will reduce cost and theft and maintain an accurate inventory. Failure to enter waste may result in an inaccurate inventory count and out-of-balance variances.



Locations that use multiple inventory stations require the ability to transfer products from one location to another. The transfer tab is an easy-to-use function for tracking inventory from the storeroom to the cashier stations or between stations.


Online - Not Redeemed

The Online Not Redeemed Tab gives the manager the ability to return items to the inventory that have not been picked up by an online Food and Drink customer. Select the order number that was not redeemed and click the return to inventory button. The result will appear in the "Waste Tab" as a negative entry. This tab will allow you to keep your Food and Drink inventory up to date and accurate.