Retriever Home Screen

A. Login Box - Use the drop-down to select your authorized user name.

B. Password Text Box - After selecting your username, enter your password and click Login.

C. Ping All Button - Clicking this button sends a digital message to all active (turned on) Point Of Sale (POS) terminals to verify that your POS terminals are connected to your back office. 

D. Refresh Terminal List Button - To verify that a cashier is assigned to a POS terminal click the refresh terminal button. If the terminal is assigned, it should be highlighted with a green stripe and the cashier's name shown alongside the appropriate terminal.  

E. Sync All Button - The sync all button will push updates to all activated POS terminals.  

Note: C, D, E - You will notice that pushing these buttons will change the status of terminals listed in the column beneath the buttons. You may also ping, refresh, and sync individual terminals by clicking inside the row and column relative to the POS terminal you are pinging, refreshing, or syncing.

F. Update File Box - When making changes to item pricing, feature schedules, employees, ticketing, screen design, coupons, and accounts, a check box will be displayed in this area. Click inside the checkbox (or Select All) to chose files to be sync with online applications. Clicking the Activate Files button automatically sends the information to the online applications and prepares new data to be transferred (synced) with the POS terminals.  Next to the button labeled "Force Send" is a dropdown box that allows the users to Force Send all data (not just new data) to the specified application. Schedule/Concession sends to all applications. Schedule Only sends up all movie information. Concession Only sends up all Food and Drink data. 

Important Note:  Internet technology relies on numerous relays and exchanges to transfer data from one point to another and while Retriever Software does everything possible to verify all data has been sent, we encourage users to verify all data when sending changes online platforms.  If you send up changes and do not see them properly reflected in a reasonable amount of time, try the Force Send Button. Depending on individual connection speeds, you may be required to force send more than once due to timing out issues outside of the software's control). If after a few attempts, your changes are still not live, please contact customer support at 888-988-4470. 

G.  System Dates - There are three date calendars and all are important.  The Terminal Date represents the date matching your POS terminal's date (most likely the current date). The MCS Date, or Main Computer Date, is the date associated with Retriever Process. It is important that the Terminal Date and the MCS Date match the current operating date. There are a few exceptions during which the MCS date can be changed, but such changes should only be done with the assistance of technical support staff. The terminal and MCS dates are changed during the first two steps of the End of Day process. Only change them manually when absolutely necessary.

H. VPN Connection Buttons - Customer Cards VPN is green when your system is communicating with your customer card/loyalty database. The Film/Ticket VPN is green when the system is connected to your online applications' database.  If these buttons are not green, click on them to reconnect. If they remain red, you may need to relaunch the SoftEther Application from your Windows Computer.  

I. Transfer Screen - Scrolls file updates between terminals and back office.

J. Terminal Date - See G.

K. MCS Date - See G.

M. Theater ID (TID)

N. Server IP Address

O. Process Version Number

Process Home

When you first log into Retriever Process this is the window you will see. This is a very important screen as it visually informs you who is assigned to each terminal, which terminals are turned on, and which terminals are running the software. It identifies if you are connected to your online ticketing VPN which populates your websites and online ticketing vendors including Retriever Tickets. It also pings your loyalty and gift card database to confirm that the back office and, subsequently, your terminals are communicating.

NOTE: If you are using a Legacy (DOS) POS System, you must have Retriever Communications turned on as well as Process.

If any of your in-service POS terminals are showing 'Not Synced' it is advisable to sync them as soon as possible. Windows POS terminals will sync automatically after changes have been activated.



How to log in and manually change dates.

Dates should be changed as part of the End of Day process. Occasionally, only a portion of End of Day will be completed, or a step will be completed multiple times or missed altogether. Either of these actions may cause the system dates to become out of alignment.

If your terminal date is correct, but your MCS date is a day behind, run the End of Day second step.

If both days are a day ahead or more of the current date (today), watch the video to see how to manually set your dates back to today's date.