Process - End of Day (EOD)

End of Day

The End of Day Process is arguably the single most important process of daily operation. It completes the day's business, sends relevant data to booking agents, accountants, owners, and the general manager. It prepares all of your terminals, online ticketing, credit card transactions, and back-office software for the following day's business.

End of Day Frequently Asked Questions

This tutorial is for all Retriever Process Users regardless of POS (DOS or Windows) Operating System. It is important to note that each theater may have specific policies for cash control and deposit requirements. Retriever Process is not accounting or payroll software and should not be used as such. Retriever Process is a data recording tool that provides financial records of all Point of Sale activity. Retriever Technical Support cannot make adjustments to financial records or "fix" errors that occur due to user error. Retriever Technical Support will, if necessary, provide suggestions and training to employees with adequate security clearance and ownership in order to correct random user errors.

Frequently Asked Questions
# FAQ Answer
1 What is an "Exception"? An exception is when something occurs that is outside the common expectation of the software, but the issue is not one that would prevent the completion of End of Day. Advanced users of the software may be able to "figure out" what the issue is and correct it prior to completing the End of Day process, but in most cases, if you see an exception message, the system is ignoring the problem and you can move on to the next step.
2 When I initiate the End of Day Process, the terminals show different states of connection. What are those? Definitions

  • Online: The terminal is currently working and connected to the back office.
  • No ping: The server cannot connect to the terminal (not connected or turned off).
  • OFFLINE: The terminal was not used and cannot be pinged (not connected or turned off).
  • OK to Complete: The terminal has been de-assigned and is good to go for End of Day.
  • Assigned: The terminal is assigned and must be de-assigned prior to running End of Day.
  • Not Used, no ping (DOS/Legacy Only): The terminal was not used and cannot be pinged (not connected or turned off).
3 All my drawers are counted, but the End of Day is throwing an error? This occurs when a drawer from a previous day was deassigned from the back office and the cashier session is still open in the Windows Terminal. Never de-assign a Windows Terminal from the back office. Always de-assign the windows terminals at the terminal unless there has been a failure in the network or the terminal is broken and/or not operational.
4 System freezes when I click Add Comments/Complete End of Day If Retriever Process freezes while running End of Day that could signal a database issue or something wrong with your connection to the outside world. We recommend that you put in a help desk support ticket and have someone contact Retriever Solutions first thing the following morning. In most cases, the late-night oncall technician will not be able to fix a database or software issue. Most End of Day issues can be resolved quickly by our team of specialists prior to your opening the following day.
5 My dates are wrong! If your dates are wrong when you start your End of Day, you haven't completed drawer counts and deposits, because you wouldn't be able to see today's sales if your dates are wrong. Glick the Gold Keys on Retriever Process, sign in and fix the dates on the sign-in page. If you do not have access, call your General Manager or owner to fix the dates. If the date issue is discovered after running End of Day, you either ran EOD for the wrong date or you ran a part of it an extra time (or two). Either, follow the process to change your system dates.