Drawer Count


This is where your drawer counts are entered into the database and prepared for deposit. For the most part, we recommend that the manager count all of the money in the drawer and enter it into either the Misc. Quantity Field, or fill out each individual currency type by entering the number of one hundred dollar bills, twenty dollar bills, ten dollar bills, etc. for a total counted amount. If your system is set up to manage a starting drawer amount, the starting drawer is deducted after the count. The remaining amount to pull will be the expected cash amount in the drawer.

Over/Short: Retriever Solutions does not recommend manipulating drawer counts to come out even. While we do not dictate any policy with regards to counting money, our support staff is trained to not adjust imbalances or make any edits to financial errors entered into the database. Technical Support Staff is trained to offer suggestions on how to correct issues, but all policies are left up to the individual theater's management and ownership.



When you first open the Cash Control Tab, the deposit tab will be empty. It will remain empty until a drawer has been counted or an Account has been created for deposit to the bank. Once a drawer has been counted and saved, it will appear in the first column of the deposit tab along with a breakdown of the drawer in the second column. While many theaters do one deposit a day, some may make multiple deposits. To create a deposit, click inside the check box next to the drawers to be included in the deposit or click the select all button to

select all counted drawers. If you are using bank-printed deposit slips, we recommend that you type the deposit slip number into the Slip Number Box before entering the Deposit Amount.

You can undo the last Deposit entered to add to it or make a change to the slip number, but if you have made multiple deposits in a single day you will not be able to undo deposits made previous to the most recent deposit.



You paid a Vendor out of petty cash or you received a payment for a theater rental and you need to have it accounted for in the deposit. The Accounts tab allows you to make adjustments to your day's receipts in order to balance your reports with your receivables and payables. Your Accounts are set up in the Red Tool Box (General Setup) under the Accounts Tab (yes, there are two Accounts Tabs). Once an account is set up in the toolbox, it will appear in the dropdown below the Manager Name box. Use the down arrow to select the account

you will be adjusting. Click Save. Once an account has been adjusted, you are able to edit the entry by selecting the account to be edited in the account list box.

You may also go back in time to add adjustments as necessary. For example, let's say a check bounced and you have to make an adjustment to the date from two weeks ago. Select the date, select Add, and do a negative entry for the bad check. Click save and you're done.



The Comments tab will display all system-generated comments for the current day and let you enter your own comments to explain specific issues, concerns, or events of the day.