Retriever Process Basics

Frequently Asked Questions

# FAQ Answer
1 Why don't I have access to some of the tabs or functions inside of the tabs? Tabs, reports, and setups in Retriever Process are subject to security settings. As an employee, you have a specific security clearance that is determined by your General Manager or Owner. If you believe that you need access to a tab for which you do not have clearance, please contact your General Manager or Owner.
2 My schedule changes are not pushing up to the website/app? After making schedule changes, saving, and activating those changes, if you do not see your changes online you will need to resend the changes. Check a couple of things first: Did the new schedule push to the terminals? If yes, the schedule saved correctly. If no, click the green "Film/Tickets VPN" button on the Process Home Tab and then click Force Send (below the Activate Button). You should see activity in the file transfer box. If the "Film/Ticket VPN" is not green, your VPN may not be connected. Open your Soft Ether Application and connect your VPN. If you are uncertain how to connect, call Retriever Solutions and we can show you how to connect your VPN. However, if your VPN is not connected, your terminals should still update.