Vendor Setup

While you don't have to store vendors or associate inventory items to vendors, it is a one-time setup that will make it easier to manage your inventory. It is also a great way to price compare between vendors who may have like items.

How It Works

Click the Add Button
  1. (A) Type in the Vendor ID. Most Vendors will always have a unique identifier that you can use to populate this field.
  2. (B) Type in the Business Name of the Vendor Company
  3. (C) Enter the vendor's address (optional)
  4. (C Part Two) Enter the Vendor's Contact Email Address
  5. (D) Enter city associated with vendor's address (optional)
  6. (E) Enter State abbreviation of state associated with the vendor's address (optional)
  7. (F) Enter the zip code of the vendor's address (optional)
  8. (G) Enter the contact's phone number (direct line if available)
  9. (H) Enter a Fax Number or secondary contact number (optional)
  10. (I) Select Outside Vendor (default), Receive from another location, Transfer to another location
  11. Click the Save Button