Internet Ticketing

Internet Ticketing with Our Theatre Branded Interface
Builds Sales & Improves The Customer Experience


Internet ticket sales are made through a direct link from your website. Customers view the movie schedule, updated by Retriever Solutions, & buy tickets from a linked page designed to mirror your website. Purchases are recorded in real-time on the theatre’s back-office server. Seat inventory is updated automatically. Tickets can be claimed at the box office, will-call station or self-service kiosk. Sales are validated by confirmation number, the credit card used to purchase the tickets, or a barcode. Validated tickets print locally & are recorded as having been claimed in the system.

  • Internet ticketing increases advanced sales and allows operators to anticipate traffic during blockbusters. Internet sales also reduce the amount of cash handled at the theatre.
  • Download film titles and movie information directly into Retriever Solutions. Upload show times to your website to save valuable scheduling time.
  • Market your theatres through your own web site: unlike other internet ticketing companies that list your theatres along with your competitors, our interface drives sales directly from your site.
  • Build a captive audience. Get customers in the habit of visiting your site. Post schedules, special events, promotional offers & present target advertising.
  • Internet sales can produce more revenue per ticket than a credit sale at the theatre.
  • We provide a variety of ways to produce & validate the ticket to meet your specific needs.
  • The interface does not require you to accept credit cards at the theatre. The card swipe at the theatre is for validation of the previously authorized sale.
  • Internet ticketing can be configured for premium assigned seating.