Build Advance Revenue & Customer Loyalty


Gift Cards

  • Stored value gift cards can be charged or recharged in any dollar amount
  • Cards carry no redemption value until they are charged in an order
  • The system tracks history of card use & outstanding liability
  • Cards can be used at multiple locations within a circuit Dollar value is automatically deducted with each use
  • Customer information can be associated to the card number from the server

Customer Loyalty Rewards

  • Reward customers on purchases of any or all items for sale
  • Point values can be established for items purchased or dollars spent
  • Points are automatically credited to the card with each qualified purchase
  • Awards are issued when patrons reach established thresholds
  • Multiple thresholds can be established
  • Loyalty points reset after the highest level is awarded
  • Awards can be set to adjust by date & time (Example: Double Point Tuesday)

To award customers for ticket sales, point values are set for each ticket type (for example, 1 Ticket purchased = 1 Point). Points can also be awarded for concessions purchases (for example, 1 Large Combo purchased = 2 Points). Once point values are assigned to the items, you determine the number of reward levels & points required for each level (for example, 50 Points = 1 free ticket). The card will accumulate points with each qualified order. A voucher for a free ticket will be issued once the customer earns 50 points. Each card can be configured for Customer Points, Gift Card, or both. The system can be configured to share card data allowing customers to use the same card in multiple locations.

HARDWARE COMPONENTS REQUIRED: Cards, Touch Screen Terminals with Magnetic Card Readers and/or Scanners, Ticket and/or Receipt Printer