Employee Information


Employee Information

In this tab, employee's information can be added, edited, and inactivated. DO NOT DELETE FORMER/INACTIVE EMPLOYEES. Past employees should be inactivated in order to maintain the integrity of employee information.

The forms in this tab should be filled out completely. The employee number is auto-generated. DO NOT USE SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS as employee identification (anyone with access to this tab has access to personal information).

How to add a new employee.

  1. Click the Add Button.
  2. Fill in all fields except the Employee Number.
  3. Click the Status/Payroll Tab.
  4. Select the newly created employee.
  5. Give them a security level.
  6. Is this employee a salary or hourly employee?
  7. Select a default overtime group.
  8. Enter any required payroll information.
  9. Click the Employee Password Tab.
  10. The employee should enter a four-digit password. Save.
  11. Return to the employee information screen and click the Save Button.
  12. Activate and sync all new employee information.