Employee Schedule



The manager may use the employee schedule to manage all employees in an easy-to-use click grid. A video has been created to explain how the scheduling works. In short, the grid begins at the start of the day and ends at the slated end of the day.

Any hour on any day that an employee is available to work, the blue cross hairs will appear as you move the mouse around the grid. If an employee is not available to work, the red vertical and horizontal lines will follow the mouse until an available employee and time slot is found (at which point both lines turn blue. Click on the starting time to schedule an employee, use the drop-down to set the employee's position and hours. Save and schedule your next employee.

Schedule An Employee

  1. Find an employee to schedule and move the mouse to the selected start time.
  2. If the vertical and horizontal lines are blue, click on the start time. If not, this employee is not available.
  3. If the employee is available, a popup will appear where you can set the employee's job type and the number of hours.
  4. Click schedule to schedule the employee.
  5. Repeat until all employees are scheduled.
  6. Save
  7. You do not have to activate and sync.
  • You must be on the current day or a future day. You cannot schedule a past day.
  • You can only have one employee at each position (see positions tab to set up employee positions) during a time period.
  • You can not schedule overtime for hourly employees.

Video Demonstration - Schedule An Employee