Date Price Setup


Date Price Setup

Date Price Setup is used when you have a range of days during which you will offer special pricing on one or more items. For pricing that happens every Tuesday, use the Discount Pricing or the Items Menu tab to create alternative

pricing. This tab is for seasonal promotions or there is a need to reduce or increase pricing for a short period of time.

In this tab, the user will set up a date range with a name that can be accessed in the menu items set up. In the example, you will notice that all of the combo items have been selected for special pricing on Thanksgiving. This may be a promotion or marketing strategy to increase business over the holidays. You do set prices or drag items in this section. Simply add a campaign name and select the items that you want to make available to the campaign.

How It Works

Build A Campaign
  1. Click the Add Button
  2. Give the Campaign a name
  3. Select the items that will be included in the campaign.
  4. Save
  5. Go to the Items Menu tab.
  6. Select the Item Category to be edited.
  7. From the default pricing dropdown select the campaign name you want to edit.
  8. The items that are included in the selected Item Category and included in the campaign will be listed in the selection box.
  9. Select an item from the list and make the required changes as you normally would any item (see the items tab).
  10. After you save the changes they will only appear on the dates selected in the Date Price Setup.
  11. Activate and Sync all changes.