Coupons can be set up as loyalty award vouchers, preprinted stand-alone coupons, come back coupons, buy one get one, buy this get that, and any number of other promotional uses. Coupons are an inexpensive marketing method to increase concessions sales,

repeat customers, and overall customer satisfaction.

Coupons Tab

Multiple tabs may be required to complete the coupon setup. Please review the How to build a Coupon tutorial before building a coupon for the first time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Planning a marketing campaign with coupons can be a daunting task even for the most experienced marketing professionals, please do not hesitate to contact a Technical Support Specialists or your Retriever Solutions Sales Rep before setting up a coupon campaign to discuss the different options and opportunities available inside the coupon setup modules.


How It Works

  1. Select the All Coupon radio button.
  2. Click the Add Button
  3. Type the name of the Coupon in the Coupon Name text box
  4. You must manually add a unique coupon number into the Coupon Number Text Box. If you are using a coupon across multiple locations, the Coupon Number must be the same across all locations.
  5. The barcode format will be auto-generated when the coupon number is created. If you are using a coupon across multiple locations, the Barcode Format must be the same across all locations. A barcode is handy when printing mass coupons as it allows for scanning the coupon.
  6. Select Coupon Type (see definitions)
  7. Select Form File Name (if applicable): Use the default unless there has been a specific form created for this coupon.
  8. Select a coupon group.
  9. Standard Coupons do not require the theater to establish a points level, but Reward Coupons do require a loyalty points level to be established to generate an available reward when the points level is achieved.
  10. Select the Items Discount tab for additional information.
  11. Select the Items Needed tab for additional information.
  12. Select the Discount tab for additional information.
  13. Click Save when setup is complete.
  14. Hit the Red X after all new items have been entered and Activate and Sync.

All Coupons

Selecting all coupons will populate the coupon list box below with all available coupons regardless of coupon type.

Coupon Types

    • [1] Get Item(s) Free
      • Requires that an Item or Category of items be designated for redemption. The customer will receive either the designated item or an item from the designated category (which may contain numerous items). The item must be selected prior to the coupon being redeemed.
    • Required Tabs: Coupon Type and Items Discount must both be completed.

    • [2] Get Dollar Amount Off Items
      • Exchange coupons for a discount on defined items or categories. Item or category must be defined in the Items Discount tab. The dollar amount to be credited to the order must be filled out in the Discount Tab. Required Tabs: Coupon Type, Items Discount, and Discount Tabs must be completed.
    • [4] Buy Items Get Items Free
      • Buy one item and get a second item free when presenting this coupon. The Items Discount is the item that will be added to the order when the items (or category) needed are added to the order. So, the items needed are added, the cashier enters the coupon, the Items Discount is added to the order. This may sound backward, but the free item in this instance is the Items Discount item. Required Tabs: Coupon Type, Items Discount and Items Needed Tabs must be completed.
    • [5] Buy Items Get Dollar Amount Off Items
      • Buy one qualifying item and receive a discount on a second item. Both items must be defined. Like number 4, the Items or category must be purchased as defined in Items Needed in order to receive a defined dollar amount discount from the Items Discount. Required Tabs: Coupon Type, Items Discount, Items Needed, Discount.
    • [7] Get Up To Dollar Amount Off
      • This is a straight dollar amount discount up to the stated amount of the coupon. This coupon can be applied to the overall purchase (net sale) so it should not be used if you do not want to allow for a discounted ticket prices. Required Tabs: Coupon Type, Discount.
    • [8] Get Dollar Amount Off of Concessions
      • Straight dollar discount on concession items up to the amount stated on the coupon. Required Tabs: Coupon Type, Discount.
    • [9] Ticket Reward
      • This is a free ticket coupon and must be redeemed for a specific ticket type (VIP seating would be an additional charge if applicable). This is the only coupon that does not require information in any tab other than coupon type. There is an extra field for this coupon that is Prepaid Type. Prepaid Type is the type of ticket associated with the coupon. The ticket must be purchased prior to the coupon being redeemed.