Conversion Tables


What is a Conversion Table?

The conversion table is designed to manage your count sizes in order to make taking inventory easier and more accurate. When you break the conversion table into Each, Sleeve, Case and you're

counting inventory, you can count each as an individual inventory entry (see Inventory Count and select the calculator check box 0 Each, Sleeve and Case will be available for a count entry) and the system calculates an accurate item count based on all conversion entries.

Conversion Tables

This is where you set up your receivable count set up. You can set as many case tables, sleeve types (cups), etc., as you like, but you must have at least 1 table. As an example, a sleeve of medium drink cups may come in a sleeve of 100 and case 2400 (24 sleeves). You would want to set up a count for the case with a factor of 2400 or a count for sleeves with a factor of 100. When setting up items, use the case or sleeve count but make sure that you set your price accordingly. If your case price is $120.00, your sleeve price (in this example) would be $5.00 (per sleeve).

Item Name Case Size/Price($) Sleeve Size/Price($) Box Size/Price($) Each Count/Price($)
Large Cups 1200 count/$240 100 count/$5.00 Not Applicable 1 Count/$.20
Toilet Paper 60 roll Count/$45.00 Not Applicable Not Applicable 1 Count/$.75
Baby Ruth Candy Bars 120 count/$96.00 Not Applicable 10 count/$9.60 1 Count/$.80
BIB Soda Syrup* Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable 1 Count/$85.00

*You may try to manage BIB syrup by breaking the case into an algorithm of how many cups you should get out of a box, but given that there are a number of different variables that go into such a calculation, most locations just inventory cups as those are more manageable than random ounce calculations with Bag In Box syrup.

How It Works

Create A Conversion Table
  1. On a separate piece of paper, make a list of how you receive your inventory and how you count your inventory.
  2. You will all count the types that you use.
  3. Click Add
  4. Type in the case and size (Case 1200) in the text box under Description.
  5. Type in the word Each in the first column under Tables with a factor of 1.
  6. Type Sleeve into the second line under Tables (below Each) with a factor of 100.
  7. Type Case into the third line under the Tables (below Sleeve) with a factor of 1200.
  8. Click the Save Button.