Concession Signs

Signage Software for Lobbies & Concessions

Clearly Display Show Times, Menus, Events & Advertising

Display concession menus and your film line-up on easy-to-read flat screen monitors. Movie schedules are updat- ed automatically from Retriever Solutions’ Point-of-Sale system, eliminating the hassle of physically changing signs when schedules change. Choose from multiple stock menu templates or consult with our custom graphic arts team to create uniquely branded menu themes. Signs are controlled by networked Windows® devices connected to any sized TV or video wall.

“Easier to use than Mylars, more versatile & cost effective than red-dot LED signs, more fun than static menu boards & they look great!”


Media Sign Templates

  • Display color coded text or fully graphical images
  • Display logos, policies, trailers, & dynamic messages
  • Show eye catching advertising to generate co-op revenue