Loyalty Card Maintenance


Load or Delete

There are two specific functions that can be performed on this page and both require administrative security levels. The first is preloading gift/loyalty cards with cash and points. It is important to note that preloading gift cards create gift card liability without any associated cash until cards are 'sold'. Some theaters preload gift cards as part of a bulk

item purchase (a bank purchases 200 cards at $10.00 each for their employee's stocking stuffers) and the theater doesn't have time to swipe 200 cards through the register. In this instance, it would be easier to use a bulk load function. The second function is to delete cards from the database.

How It Works

Bulk Load A Series of Gift Cards
  1. Before loading your card string, make absolutely certain that the cards you will be loading are in sequential order.
  2. Enter the first card number in the sequence of cards to be loaded.
  3. Enter the number of cards to be added. NOTE: If your first card is 1012241001 and you load 10 cards, you will load card numbers 1012241001 through 1012241010.
  4. Enter the dollar amount to be added to each card. Must be greater than $0.00. In other words, you cannot just add points.
  5. Enter in the number of loyalty points to be added to each card (optional - you do not have to add loyalty points).
  6. Click the Create List of Cards Button- the list will be generated in the list box.
  7. Click the Add the cards Button.
Delete One or More Gift Card(s)
  1. NOTE: Gift cards are literally currency *. If a customer comes in with a gift card that has been deleted and claims that there is/was money on the card before it was deleted, you could be liable to reimburse them for any lost money. You should only delete cards from the database that have zero dollars and zero points. Most theaters use this function to remove damaged cards that have been replaced from the database.
  2. Click the Start button.
  3. In the text box above the Start button, enter the card number of each card that you want to be removed from the database.
  4. When all cards to be removed are entered, click the View Numbers to Delete Button. This will adjust the entered numbers to their full card number strings.
  5. Click Delete the Cards.
  6. This action can not be undone.


* Gift Cards are the same as Currency/Cash and the theater is liable for all cash amounts available on Gift Cards.