Barcode Create Export


Barcode Create Export

To look up barcodes go to Barcode Maintenance or the Barcode Lookup in Transactions Tab.

How It Works

Barcode Create

Dropdowns for prepaid (B) and prepaid type (C) must be created prior to creating associated barcode campaigns. Please see How to Create a Barcoded Marketing Campaign(pdf) prior to building a new campaign.

  1. (A) Give your campaign a unique name.
  2. (B) Select a prepaid category
  3. (C) Select a prepaid type (associated with the selected prepaid category)
  4. (D) Auto-filled with your Theater Identification Number. If your theater group uses a shared database for gift cards, these numbers will be available to all locations associated with the shared database.
  5. (E) Set the first day that barcodes will be accepted
  6. (F) Select the last day that barcodes will be accepted (Expiration Date).
  7. (G) Auto-Generated Order Number - Make a note for future reference.
  8. (H) The purchase price is the price to purchase the prepaid voucher or gift certificate.
  9. (I) Quantity of barcodes to be created.
  10. (M) Generate Barcodes
  11. (N) Get Barcodes. Click Get Barcodes and then copy the barcodes and paste them into a spreadsheet for the printer.
  1. Text Box. This is the name of the campaign.
  2. Select the type of prepaid to be applied to the campaign.
  3. Select the name of the Coupon, Voucher, or Gift Certificate
  4. This is the TID (Theater Identification Number) of the creation location of the campaign.
  5. Issue date: The date the campaign will start. The first date that coupons will be accepted.
  6. Expire Date: The date after which all created barcodes will be invalid.
  7. Order Number: The order number of the creation of barcodes.
  8. Purchase Price: The value of the prepaid
  9. Quantity: The number of barcodes to be created.
  10. The remaining number of barcodes to be created within the created campaign.
  11. Insert: The number of barcodes created.
  12. Created Barcode List
  13. Generate Barcodes: Click this button to load the barcodes into the library (L.)
  14. Get Bar Codes Button: Selects all of the created barcodes.