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Retriever Process Version 117

  • Added force send selections for Schedule/Concessions, Concessions Only, Schedule Only. See
  • Removed Red Toolbox Tab + Accounts Tab: Ledger Description text box has been removed. See Accounts at 
  • Added Red Toolbox Tab + Categories: Added a Sort Order Drop Down that is used to identify the order by which categories will be listed in online sales platforms. Food and Drink as sold online are sorted by categories. When selecting categories to be listed for online Food and Drink, the lowest sort ordered category will be listed first. Additional categories will be listed in descending order as set in the categories tab.
  • Added Red Toolbox Tab + Categories + Item Categories: Media Name Text Box added to provide a HEADING for Food and Drink categories online sales. Added Internet Sales check box to identify Item categories for online sales. Added Sort Order box sets the order of category display for online sales. When adding a category or item to the online food and drink menu, the Media Name is the heading that will appear for that item or category. 
  • Updated Reports: Moved Revenue Report Overview to Summary Report. Corrected void issues within Internet Summary Report. Added Cashier Report for Internet Sales. Summary Report breaks out concessions and box office revenue and accounts for internet sales, advanced day sales, and current-day redemptions. See the image below.
  • Fixed Transaction Tab: Corrected void accounting issue in transaction summary.
  • Add Inventory View Count: Added Redeem Column to account for items purchased that will be redeemed on the selected Business Date. Added Advance Column to account for the sale of items purchased for redemption in the future. See Inventory   
  • Items/Recipes Tab + Menu Item: Added Media Name Text Box to identify item’s names when selling them online. See Items
  • Add Items/Recipes + Taxes Fee: Added Internet Fees/Taxes section with text boxes to set fees per ticket, food and drink, and set appropriate convenience fee taxes. See Items
  • Fixed Film Management: Corrective action taken to reduce Credit/Debits edits confusion. See the Film Management Tutorial at
  • Fixed Corrections / Adjustments to the following reports: Inventory, Hourly Sales, All Summary, Item Sales & Cashier Detail to handle online & advanced day Food and Drink sales. Adjustments and changes initiated to account for online Food and Drink sales, redemptions, and voids.
  • Added the designated taxes and fees schedule for online Food and Drink sales. See
  • Added Terminal Redemption of online sales added to Cashier Reports for inclusion in per caps.
  • Creates association to non-associated sales.
  • Separates Taxes and Fees from online sales in Summary Report.
  • Summary Report and Combined Summary report now share a common layout that identifies concession and ticket sales, terminal and online sales, advance sales, and redemptions.
Summary 112 and 117


  • Movie Totals (ticket sales) have been set in bold directly below the feature breakdown. 
  • All prepaid purchases and redemptions (gift certificates, vouchers, pre-paid tickets, and percentage discounts have been grouped into their own area.
  • Total credit card sales for each subscription service and the terminal have been broken out under Total Receipts - after adjustments. Note that Credit Card Online is now Credit Card Retriever
  • Online credit card fees included on Retriever Ticket sales have been separated out of the prepaid grouping and given a single line item below Food and Drink Total Sales.
  • Food and Drink sales have been broken out by categories, online, and terminal sales.